Purple hairrrr(:
Not sure why this is upsidedown.
Purple hairrrrrr(:

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The Year of the Beard
Brent has grown a beard at least once a year for the almost ten years we’ve been together. He can go from clean shaven to a full beard in about four weeks. He grew what he called “a play off beard” during my pregnancy with Everly and another while I was pregnant with Arlo. I’ve watched over the years as tiny streaks of silver have slowly crept in and every year it seems like he grows them a little longer before shaving again.
It’s always fascinated me the way beards share a common love language amongst men. I can think of no other physical feature that has ever provoked perfect strangers to stop my husband and offer up a compliment like the ones he receives from other men nearly every day for his beard.
And suddenly, it feels like beards are everywhere. There are whole instagram accounts dedicated to bearded men. I see more and more beards in high end ad campaigns. There are crocheted beards for babies and beards on tshirts. Like owls and foxes and mustaches before them, the beard craze is having its moment. Brent has never cared much about being trendy, so it amuses me a bit that he’s become so unintentionally fashionable. 
Inevitably, Brent will reach a point every year when he claims he has forgotten what his actualy face looks like and he grows tired of constantly trying to keep whatever he is eating or drinking from landing in his facial hair. He will sneak off to the bathroom without saying anything and swing open the door with a freshly shaven face again. 
I joke that it’s sort of like being married to two different men because he looks so different without it. This particular beard has been growing since the beginning of June and I think its time may be coming to a close. He whispered in my ear a few days ago, “I think I’m ready to shave this thing off.”  
Brent’s friend Jakob snapped this photo of him last night and emailed it us this morning. It appears that this particular beard’s days may be numbered (or maybe not if I can talk him out of it) but I love this photo so I wanted to post it. 
Baby near has to take breathing treatments every two to four hours right now): he is so miserable.
So stoked in his jumparoo. He can reach the floor now!
Another new toy. Lol.
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